Benefits of Breastfeeding for a Baby
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The benefits of breastfeeding after 6 months
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Double pumping: more milk in less time

Do you know that double decantation is much faster and more convenient than single decantation? Double pumping is probably the most effective way to provide your baby with breast milk if your newborn baby is not taking breasts, if you go to work or are trying to increase milk production through regular pumping.

What is convenient double decantation?
It is quite obvious that double decantation saves time. In addition, according to scientific studies, this method helps to increase the amount of expressed milk1.2. Medela experts decided to find out the reason and invited a group of mothers to participate in the testing. During the first decantation, they used a double breast pump, during the second, they expressed milk from each mammary gland in turn.

Stimulating an additional rush of milk

The results of the study pleasantly surprised us: during double pumping, mothers did receive significantly more milk – on average, their amount increased by 18% 3. We also managed to find out the reason: with double stimulation, the hormone oxytocin, which regulates the flow of milk, is more actively secreted, so mothers experienced an additional rush.

Of course, in the field of breast milk, the real experts are babies. But double decantation is a process that, by its mechanism, is closer to natural feeding than single. There is a theory that although a baby sucks only one breast, close contact with the mother during feeding stimulates the release of oxytocin. Since double decantation involves double contact and stimulation, this method works in a similar way: additional oxytocin is released from the mother, and the amount of breast milk increases.

Although double pumping allows you to get more milk, there is no risk of over-production. However, our study does not claim that double pumping is better than breastfeeding: it means that single sequential pumping is inferior to baby sucking, and double pumping is slightly closer to this gold standard.

High Fat Milk
Another interesting discovery was that milk,
obtained by moms using double decantation was fatter than when decanting from each breast in turn4. Why? The main reason is the degree of emptying of the breast.

During feeding or decantation, the fat content in milk increases steadily. Since double decantation causes an additional rush and increases milk production by 18%, with this method the breast is emptied better. Thus, an increased fat content is just a sign that double decantation results in a more complete emptying of the breast. Higher calorie content of breast milk is especially important for babies born prematurely, as they eat only a small amount of milk per day.

Another advantage of double pumping is that with good emptying of the breast, the body begins to produce more milk, while with incomplete pumping, the body receives a signal that the baby has enough milk5. That is why regular and high-quality pumping is a key condition for the stable production of milk.

Choosing the Right Double Breast Pump
So, we found out that double decantation is a way that is suitable for women who express milk regularly. The next question is which breast pump to buy? Medela offers a variety of dual breast pump models that can be used at home, at work or on the go, as well as the Symphony * dual electronic clinical breast pump. It can be found in many maternity hospitals or rented for personal use. To purchase the most suitable device, read the How to choose a breast pump manual.

Handless Expression: An Ideal Way for Active Moms
For maximum convenience, use a double breast pump in combination with a special Medela Easy Expression bustier top. This top for decantation reliably holds funnels in place, freeing your hands. With this product, it will be easier for you to control the operation of the breast pump. In addition, you can play with your child, eat, read, use your phone or computer directly during pumping.
Read the instructions before use. For possible contraindications consult with a specialist.

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