9 months: educational games
If the child still does not sit down on his own, then be sure to consult a doctor. The main thing is not to miss the neurological pathology, which often…

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6 months: we introduce complementary foods
The first lure is either mashed vegetables or porridge. It is one-component, homogeneous and should be introduced gradually. The fact that we started giving baby food does not cancel breastfeeding.…

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Double pumping: more milk in less time
Do you know that double decantation is much faster and more convenient than single decantation? Double pumping is probably the most effective way to provide your baby with breast milk…

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7 months: teeth are cut

Active teething accompanies the seventh month. But in some children, the first tooth erupts only closer to the year, and this is also normal. The lower central incisors erupt first, followed by the upper central incisors. After the lateral upper incisors, and then the lower lateral incisors.

The process of teething of all 20 primary teeth is ending closer to 2-2.5 years. Typical symptoms of teething are anxiety and moodiness of the child, increased salivation, a slight increase in temperature (not more than 38.0 C), refusal of solid food, chewing of fingers, a small rash around the mouth.

Do not use dental gels containing lidocaine for pain relief. Many large-scale studies have shown that these gels come into contact with the gums for an extremely short time, and then the child simply swallows it. This time is not enough for pain relief, but with frequent use of dental gel, the child swallows too much of it. This can lead to convulsions, severe brain damage, as well as heart problems and even death of the child.

At 6 months, they introduced the first complementary foods for vegetables and porridge. At 7 months, add meat to the lure. The basis of the diet of a child of the first year of life is to make veal. Because the iron found in red meat is easiest to digest. Studies have not shown the benefits of rabbit meat over veal. That is why, until 1 year old, the main meat ration of the child should be beef – everything else sometimes as a variety.

Active cognitive interest of the child must be maintained. If a month ago he simply showed an interest in food, now he is actively grabbing a spoon, which he is fed with and takes food from your (or his plate) himself. He may have a good appetite and active nutritional interest even in the absence of teeth. Therefore, food should be mashed and safe.

7 months is the age when the child begins to check the limits of what is allowed. Most likely, pinching you or pulling a sister’s hair at a child is fun and he does it because he is curious, and not because he is naughty and harmful. The best tactic right now is distraction. It is pointless to tell a child that he is doing something wrong at this age. Remember that the memory of the baby is quite short-lived.

♦ Sits down independently.

♦ Can crawl actively and purposefully.

♦ Actively picks up toys. He crawls to the toy of interest and plays it on his own.

♦ Trying to pick up toys with his fingers, not with his whole hand.

7 months is a time of imitation. The child repeats your actions. Show more often how to fold the pyramid, build a tower of cubes, and soon it will surprise you with its skills.

How to organize life
Restless sleep is normal for seven-month-olds. Active teething (sometimes even several), leave their mark. In addition, daytime emotions, new skills haunt night. The baby lives them again in a dream, and therefore the dream becomes restless. This is a normal stage of growing up.

Creating a laying ritual is very important. With daily repeating actions (bathing, a book or a song, laying in a bed), the child will be easier to fall asleep.

How to play
The baby learns to play independently. For some time now, he can play with toys himself without the help of an adult, shift toys, examine them, and try on the tooth.

Cardboard books will help your child learn how to turn pages and will teach you to read. And development books containing different game elements, fabrics of different structures and combining different developmental techniques are just a treasure for a young mother.

Most likely your child loves the game of “cuckoo.” All children love her. In addition, the game teaches him that if mom suddenly disappeared from sight, then she will appear soon.

What can be taught
During the game, name the toys, colors, shapes. Although the baby is not yet ready to repeat or remember everything, this is an excellent base for its further development. Turn all daily activities into a game. So at this age the game and cognitive activity of the child is formed.

Initial development of speech
The child responds positively to the speech addressed to him, constantly repeating various syllables and sounds. Active speech is formed, it accumulates a passive vocabulary. Adult conversations in the presence of a child also have a positive effect on the development of his speech.

7 months: teeth are cut
Active teething accompanies the seventh month. But in some children, the first tooth erupts only closer to the year, and this is also normal. The lower central incisors erupt first,…


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