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Six Essential Breastfeeding Things to Take with You to the Maternity Hospital

List of things in the hospital
So, you already folded up the tiny bodysuits, took soothing music, a toothbrush and toiletries, a discharge kit home … did you put anything for breastfeeding? Of course, your breast will be most important for the baby, but the right clothes and accessories will make these days more comfortable. Take advantage of our offers for bags in the hospital, and we wish you a successful start of breastfeeding!

1: Nursing Bras and Tops
You will need bras or tops for feeding * from a soft, comfortable fabric, always without stones – they can put pressure on the chest, which will become very sensitive so soon! Choose a size with some margin, as with the arrival of milk your breasts will quickly increase. We also recommend choosing models with straps so you can easily unfasten them with one hand while holding the child’s other hand.

“I bought myself a top feeding shirt that quickly unfastens. Breastfeeding is very easy. Inside there is a supporting insert that holds my chest well. This is the most convenient thing I’ve ever tried, ”Peggy, a mother from Switzerland, shares her experience.

What to pack for maternity bag: nursing bras and vests
2: Paddings for bra
Usually, milk leakage does not bother women the first couple of days from the start of breastfeeding, as milk production has not yet been established. However, it is worth taking a few absorbent bra pads with you in case the first milk, or colostrum, suddenly starts to leak. Disposable pads for a bra are very convenient to use while in the hospital, but at home they will also come in handy.

What to pack for maternity bag: nursing or breast pads
3: Nursing nightwear
The nightgown or pajamas that you take with you should be as comfortable as possible and provide easy access to your chest. Many moms like nursing nightwear. They support breasts well and hold absorbent pads in place when you sleep.

“For the night I put on an elastic bra undershirt. It’s easy to pull it off to feed the baby, and at the same time it holds breast pads well, ”says Julie, a UK mother.

What to pack for maternity bag: Breastfeeding nightwear
4: T-shirts and dresses for feeding
Choose loose clothing that will allow you to easily and conveniently feed your baby and will not hamper your belly and chest that have increased after birth. A pair of special T-shirts or dresses that contain odors, crevices or lapels will make the process of breastfeeding easier and more convenient, especially in the early days.

“Dresses or T-shirts for feeding are very practical, they do not need a bra. It was the most convenient solution for me after the birth, ”recalls Amy, the mother of two children from Australia.

What to pack for maternity bag: Nursing tops and dresses
5: Lanolin Remedy
Sore nipples often occur in the early days of breastfeeding, so take a lanolin product with you to soften and moisturize irritated skin. Pure lanolin is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Such a cream does not need to be washed off before giving the breast to the baby.

“The best I took with me was the lanolin cream for the nipples. And it was not in vain that my friends told me that even if breastfeeding might seem difficult at first, things will get better soon, ”says Katie, a mother of two children from the UK.

What to pack for maternity bag: lanolin cream
6: feeding cape or apron
If you feel that it will be inconvenient for you to feed in the presence of visitors, also bring along a special cloak, apron or shawl. This will allow you to create a sense of privacy with your baby.

“The second time I took with me a cloak with a large oval neckline. So I felt much more comfortable than when I had to put the baby on a completely naked chest, ”says Gina, the mother of two children from Germany.

What to pack for maternity bag: Breastfeeding cover or apron
Other breastfeeding accessories you may need before delivery
Try to find out in advance if your hospital or maternity hospital has a qualified staffing consultant for breastfeeding. If not, get the contact details for your closest consultant or breastfeeding specialist. This will allow you to prepare in advance for any possible feeding problems.

In order not to run shopping with a newborn, it makes sense to buy everything you need for breastfeeding before you go to the hospital.

A pillow for breastfeeding in the form of a month or the letter “U” will facilitate the feeding of the newborn when you return home. It would be nice to take such a pillow with you to the hospital, but if this is not allowed, ask if you can rent it. “I had a cesarean section with my first child, and a pillow in the shape of the letter“ U ”helped me a lot when breastfeeding,” says Gina, mother of two children from Germany.

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