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What breastfeeding accessories do I need?

If you plan to breast-feed, the right kit will markedly facilitate this task. However, it is not so simple to understand which accessories are really needed for this, and which can be dispensed with. To help you, we divided the entire period of breastfeeding into several stages, since your needs are likely to change over time. In addition, we asked nursing mothers to share tips and tricks on the most useful baby feeding accessories.

Accessories for breastfeeding in the early days
The first few days after the birth of the baby are quite stressful, so it is better to prepare in advance. Here are some things that you will surely find useful regardless of whether you stay for a few days in the hospital or immediately go home:

bras for feeding *, night bras for nursing mothers and tops for feeding *;
nightgowns or pajamas for nursing mothers;
pillow for breastfeeding;
disposable or reusable pads for the bra;
means for nipples in case of dry skin and cracks;
formers ** for flat or retracted nipples;
book on breastfeeding;
Contact your breastfeeding consultant, doctor or hotline.
If you have problems breastfeeding, a breastfeeding consultant or supervisor may recommend the following items:

Nursing pads ** if the baby cannot grab the breast or your nipples are sore. Do not use pads for feeding for a long time. If you have problems or have pain, consult your breastfeeding consultant or supervising physician.
Breast pump *** to relieve symptoms of breast swelling and / or stimulate milk production.
Some mothers like to use cooling hydrogel pads **, which bring relief in the first days after birth, especially when milk starts to stand out.
Tips for nursing mothers

“Pillows really help to support the back, legs and arms. Still need pads for a bra in case of leakage of milk, a nursing bra and loose tops for quick access to the chest (I remade the usual high-quality bras into nursing bras that better supported the breast). And we always used sling, ”advises Zaria, the mother of two children from South Africa.

“For me, the number one product was hydrogel pads. I was given them in the first days of breastfeeding, so I have never had inflammation or cracks in the nipples. I highly recommend hydrogel pads and buy them for anyone planning to breastfeed, ”Camilla, a mother from Australia, shares her experience.

“You absolutely need a person who will bring a drink. All the time, I forgot to prepare myself a glass of water before feeding! ”Says Meg, the mother of two children from France.

“Thermos to drink hot while sitting in bed. Delicious food and light snacks. My mother-in-law cooked me amazing beef stew and delicious pancakes (I had to eat well!). Pillow to put the baby on it, because I did not have the strength to hold it. A comfortable chair, a night lamp for feeding at night and a pillow for sitting (I had seams – it wasn’t a pleasant feeling!) ”, Advises Felicia, mother of two children from Great Britain.

“A caring spouse, girlfriend or grandmother to bring tea and everything else that may be needed while you sit and feed. And an e-book to read, holding it with one hand! ”Said Julie, a mother from Spain.

Breastfeeding Accessories
In the first couple of weeks, you and your baby are likely to get comfortable with breastfeeding. Feeding will occur frequently and take a lot of time. Here are some devices that will make your life easier and will make breastfeeding more convenient when milk production begins to stabilize:

a chair for feeding;
mobile application for breastfeeding;
disposable or reusable pads for the bra;
breast milk collection pads **;
a large supply of healthy snacks, drinks and ways to pass the time.
Sooner or later you will get bored with home comfort, and you will want to start walking with your baby. Tips for feeding your baby outside the home can be found in our article on breastfeeding in public places.

Tips for nursing mothers

“For me, the most useful things were nursing bras, disposable panty liners and large diapers with which you can wipe leaked milk, cover the baby or cover the chest. With nipple cracks, I was saved by lanolin cream, and loose tops and cardigans made the feeding process easier, ”says Tatyana, mother of three children from Switzerland.

“I believe that the most useful device is a high-quality U-shaped pillow for breastfeeding. I also had a rocking chair, in which, with a certain tilt, it was very convenient for me to feed the baby. To relax, I always listened to music, ”says Violeta, a mother from Romania.

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